Where’s the Villa?

You will recall from my last post that Uschi and Carol have secured a wonderful villa for Crystal Women retreats. Today is the start of a fun competition.

If you accept this challenge, you must find the name of the villa. The first person to add a comment to this post with the correct name of the villa will be declared the grand winner. The prize is: Public congratulations here on Facebook from Uschi and Carol. This is your chance for Facebook fame!

So, here are the clues:

  • The villa lies on a small headland on the South East of Koh Samui;
  • Famous actors have stayed at the villa. One such actor won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a leading role, 1986;
  • Another actor who has stayed at the villa won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a leading role, 2000.

Good Luck!

PS: If you find it in Google Maps, the location is not quite correct. It is actually adjacent to the beach.

From Vision to Reality – Chapter 1

 Peek under the Petticoats

Scene 1: Skype call from Uschi to John, September 2015.

Uschi: “So John, my friend Carol and I have this vision, to create a unique women’s retreat. We’ve hit a bit of a problem. We need a website but don’t know how to do that. Oh, and we have no money to pay you just yet. What do you think, can you do it for us?”

John: “How can I say no to a lady with a German accent and a great laugh?”

That’s how I got involved with the vision of these two wonderful ladies.

Let’s face it, we’re all voyeurs. Don’t fight it, just follow the inside story as your humble chronicler shares how two amazing women created something real and wonderful from absolutely nothing. Expect all the dirt, the false starts, the inspiration, and let’s be honest, the occasional fuck up. That’s ok, they live and learn, shake the dust off, and keep moving forward.

A year ago Uschi and Carol started sharing their views and visions about a women’s retreat. The vision rapidly coalesced:

samudra10To build a special retreat in Thailand for women that is a safe haven in an exotic locale. It is to be a place of healing and fun that caters to women’s needs. Often women are so busy looking after family, friends, and relationships that they forget their own needs. Crystal Women retreats help women to put on their own oxygen mask first.

A year later, the first retreat is just 12 weeks away. These fun, if quirky, ladies have designed the retreat program, hired local experts to provide the necessary services, and finally located and secured the right villa. Dates for the initial four retreats have been secured for April and May 2016.

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What were the requirements that made it so hard to find the right villa for the retreats?

1.           It had to be luxurious – not 5-star “shiny”, but rather old-world opulent, beautiful and tasteful;

2.           It had to be built into a natural and beautiful environment that would inspire guests and support healing;

3.           It had to include all the required amenities for Crystal Women retreats: Quality rooms and suites, with air conditioning of course (Koh Samui is in the tropics after all), an enchanting Sala for yoga, meditation, and workshops;

4.           Be located on a quiet, private beach.

The girls found just such a villa on the south eastern coast of Koh Samui. The villa is tucked into a tropical headland, surrounded by swaying palms and overlooking spectacular ocean views and its private beach. The rooms are adorned with antique materials acquired from China, Burma, Bali and Southern Thailand. Uschi and Carol reached agreement with the owner of the villa during Christmas 2015.

In the next post, you will be invited to join in a competition to discover the name and location of the villa. I will give you some hints but you will need to put on your detective hat to find it!

What is the prize, I hear you ask? Public congratulations here on Facebook from Uschi and Carol. Ok, they’re cheap, but lovely!